Hinoki Scented Japanese Spa

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Package Size: 2" W x 4" L
Each pack comes with 2 hinoki bath tea bags
All-natural: hinoki leaf oil, hinoki wood flakes and chips, hinoki dry leaf, washi paper
Hang after to continue use as a deodorizer
Dampen with water to use as a humidifier


Made in Japan

These bath flakes are taken from exceptionally fragrant Hinoki Cypress from the Shimanto area of Kochi Prefecture, Japan.  From the moment you unpackage the bath flakes, you will be surrounded by the strong aroma of Hinoki. You may submerge this bag in your tub for a relaxing time in your bath. After use, hang the bag up to let it dry and reuse the same bag a few times. For a multifunctional use, hang this bag up in a room to deodorize it, or hose the bag down with water to use it as a humidifier. Mixed with dried Hinoki leaves, flakes come wrapped in a fabric bag.


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