Hand-Crafted Incense Sticks

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Explore the world of Kyoto's renowned incense atelier with our hand-crafted incense sticks. Choose from Agarwood, Clove, and Sandalwood scents, carefully composed using natural ingredients.



Agarwood unveils a delicate floral aroma reminiscent of a spring garden.



Clove delicately blends fresh flowers with aromatic wood, creating a harmonious and sweet fragrance.



Sandalwood emanates a calming woody scent, infusing your space with tranquility.



Experience our bamboo-free incense sticks, crafted with care to release gentle aromas when lit. 

  • 30 sticks
  • Burn time: 15-20 mins / stick
  • Made in Kyoto, JAPAN
*The incense stand is not included. 


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