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  • 100% Bamboo Incense Sticks with Compressed Scented Wood Powder
  • 28 Sticks
  • 30 min approximate burning time
  • Made in Tokyo,JAPAN
  • Japanese lifestyle gurus Kuumba International have been producing traditionally made premium quality incense sticks for over two decades out of their shop in Tomigaya, West Tokyo. Seen here in excellent Rainforest scent.
  • The incense stand and the plate are not included. 



After Rain

Notes of sweetness in a fresh air and feeling mature rich mood.


Deep Forest

It's a mellow and woody scent which brings calm like being in a forest. One of luxury scents series; EUROPEAN TYPE. 

Green Fig

It's a fresh fruits and green scents such as figs.


Morning Bloom

Fresh and soft savon scents grounded by base of floral scent like rich honey. 


Tea Ceremony

Like green tea, it's a clear scent feeling bitter side in fresh scents.


Water Lotus

It's a scent like blended lotuses and grapes.






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