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Short Incense Sticks Discovery Set

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  • Size: L 150mm / Box size: W 66mm x 23mm x 206mm
  • Net: 48 Sticks (4 x 12 Sticks)
  • Burning time: approx. 50min per stick
  • This is an assortment of incense sticks to help you find your favorite scent. Four representative scents from the four fragrance categories are available for your enjoyment.
  • Made in Japan



  • Ambery
    • Agharta: A spicy wood scent inspired by the temple in Shambhala, the holy city of the legendary underground metropolis of Agartha. The spicy, intense fragrance blends harmoniously with mysterious oriental spices, soft sweet ambrette seed, ylang-ylang, and graceful aromatic woods.
    • Black Oud: Black Oud is an oriental woody scent with exotic tones. According to the Sushruta, an ancient Indian pharmaceutical treatise, the smoke of agarwood can be applied as perfume. Burned agarwood was also used as an analgesic for wounds.
    • Mystic Voyage: An oriental, spicy, and woody scent inspired by voyages during the Age of Discovery. This blend of spices, flowers and wood evokes the ancient Maritime Spice Route spice route that proved the world was round: the Malacca Islands, India’s Golden Goa, Persia, the Red Sea, Madagascar, and so forth.
    • Rufus: Rufus is an aroma evoking a modern, passionate red.


  • Floral
    • Blue Hour: The term blue hour refers to the mysterious time just after sunset and just before sunrise where the sky reflects a blue hue. This floral aroma has a refreshing lychee top note with an accent of ginger and pepper.
    • Suavis: Suavis is an earthy-floral scent that simultaneously evokes both a soft sweetness and a refreshing sensation.
    • Sunny Days: Designed to pair wonderfully on a bright, sunny day, this is a refreshing citrus floral scent.
    • Tears Rain: A clean, musk-based aroma, this elegant and refined scent features a soft, comforting floral aroma.


  • Fresh
    • Anjir: A base aroma of fresh, ripe figs and the refreshing spiciness of anise, known as a medicinal herb since ancient times, blended with the rich green of violet leaves and the soft sweetness of sensual vanilla. An enchanting, deep, unisex oriental fragrance.
    • Entwined: The initial elegant, calming freshness of cardamom and citrus transitions to a deep, aromatic fragrance of palo santo, saffron, sandalwood, and amber. A single large tree, made of many intertwined trees, stands tall and dignified throughout the changes of the four seasons. Entwined is a fougere-like fragrance with clean woody accents evoking an image of tree leaves, seemingly transparent in the sunlight and swept along with the wind.
    • Paradise: A green fruity aroma blended with pomegranate and sage.
    • Timeless: A floral fruity scent with freshness and purity, from the marine/ozone family.


  • Woody
    • Burbs: Burbs is a green woody scent featuring a blend of woody aromas such as Douglas fir, cedarwood, and sandalwood, plus a touch of nutmeg.
    • Tanner: Evokes the tanning industry of the 18th century. Grasse in southern France flourished as a well-known source of perfume for leather products to mask the peculiar aromas. Our Tanner is a leathery, sophisticated, unisex scent inspired by tanners of old.
    • Teakwood: Teakwood is an aroma combining spicy scents such as ginger, black pepper and pimento, and woody scents such as tobacco, teakwood, and sandalwood.
    • Tobacco Cedar: An oriental, woody scent evoking the image of a cigar.



About APFR (Apotheke Fragrance):

APFR is a Japanese fragrance brand founded by Keita Sugasawa in 2011. Influenced by traditional fragrances, herbal medicine culture, natural philosophy, food, music, and art from around the world, APFR creates fragrances and expresses the brand’s world view, incorporating ancient Japanese subtleties and attention to detail into contemporary design. All APFR home fragrances are hand-crafted in their own workshop, and they select every ingredient carefully in cooperation with their sourcing partners. Their goal is to create a collection of fragrances that enhance your everyday life, emotions, and memories.


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