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  • Hand-poured in Japan
  • Volume  6.5 oz
  • Diameter  3.15” Height : 4.3 in”
  • Burn time  Up to 45 hours.
  • A high quality fragrance candle made in our own factory by craftsmen’s hand one by one with only carefully selected materials. All raw soybeans are pesticide-free, grown by traditional method. APFR uses only 100% vegetable eco-friendly soy wax which does not contain paraffin or any animal raw materials such as beeswax. The thickness of wick is determined by testing various kinds of wicks to meet the extreme fired condition called “glow zone.” When you light it up with the fire, wax melts moderately without soot and a pool appears on the surface, then fills the room with soft light and pleasant fragrance. A simple and timeless design of the glass reflects the brand’s core concept “ Fragrance as a part of life joy.” 


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