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Echizen Kataurushi Suigetsuki


  • Material: Hand-painted Japanese lacquer; Hon-Urushi made from the sap of lacquer tree. / Mokugo; molded items mixed of wood powder and Sofmee resin.
  • Size: φ180×H60mm
  • Practical Capacity: 180ml
  • Net weight: 59g
  • Dish washer compatible
  • Not microwave safe
  • It is said that lacquer becomes hardest 100 years after it is applied, so it takes many years to harden completely. “Echizen Kataurushi” is a dishwasher-resistant lacquer that has achieved a hard coating film through the industry-academia-government collaboration with Fukui Prefecture and Fukui University. 
  • Made in Japan 



About Shitsurindo:

Since its establishment in 1793, Shitsurindo has been carrying on the production of Echizen lacquerware as a lacquerer and has continued to pass on its techniques to the present day.

Echizen is the oldest lacquerware production area in Japan.
The reason why lacquerware production has been flourishing in this area for a long time is due to its humid and cloudy climate as well as a fine division of labor between family members and local people producing the lacquerware.

Echizen lacquerwares are not only a traditional craft, but also daily products. They continue to spare no effort in producing lacquerware where both beauty and robustness are united.That is the eternal pride of Shitsurindo’s craftmanship.


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