Deep 10minutes Aroma


Light the match by striking it, and entrust yourself to the natural fragrance rising in the air. Hibi is an incense stick you can light easily without a lighting device. The incense of Awaji Island and matches of Harima. Born from the encounter of two of Hyogo prefecture’s traditional crafts. 


 Oak Moss

Fragrance of a moss growing gently on oak trees of a deep forest, taking you to a mysteriously warm and sober world

Ceder Wood

Awakening your inner-strength and deep wisdom with a cool fragrance of woods reminding you of the crisp air of a cedar forest


Creating a sensual moment through a fusion of sweetness of oriental passion and wildness


  • 8 sticks / with exclusive mat

  • Made in Japan


How to Use:

Lay the stick on hibi’s exclusive mat and enjoy the scent for around 10 minutes.


About hibi:

Fragrance that colors my day. Even on an ordinary day, in the middle of familiar sights, Fascinated by aroma, at the invitation of a fragrance, their mind will take flight. The sky I looked up at that day, flowers swaying in their memory, Hibi is a gentle punctuation mark in the passing of time. The spirit to enjoy fragrance will always be in their pocket.


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